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13 March 2008 @ 03:53 pm
This Friday Sanctus (with gothic and operatic metal room) London  
 News: A slight change to the Opening time : 10pm....6am

In brief: doors open between 10-2, club closes at 6am, bands on between 11-1, happy hour at the bar is 11-12.
Reduced £7 tickets are still available online.

[info]clubsanctus  is a new dark clubbing event held at Sin and brought to you by the creators of AntiChrist.

Opening Night  is tomorrow night (14/03/08) with Voices of Masada and D.U.S.T playing live.

The Cave - Gothic and Batcave (Full Decor)
The Crypt - Gothic Metal, Operatic Metal and Industrial Metal
There will be bands on at each event, plus stunning gothic decor - velvet drapes, bats, birdcages, cobwebs,UV, walkabout performers, tombstones and more

Santus_back.jpg picture by morbidfrog